Stand Up & Build Project

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Reconciliation through education

What can you do?

Our initial projects are based in the Muyinga Province in Burundi (central Africa). We are interested in other areas and willing to share our ideas / models with other groups who may be able to use them.


How are we doing it?


We form close relationships with communities to understand their vision, education needs and the support of local governing bodies. From this we generate a plan of action and engage others to help.


How can I help?


We need the following help:


-  Funding for building and operating Stand Up and Build Technical School in Muyinga


-  Time and expertise in teaching, education and construction


-  Construction materials for building simple school structures (cement, galvanized steel panels and steel reinforcement bar)


-  Education materials and equipment including text books in English or French, exercise books, pens and art materials


-  Protective equipment for construction workers including hats, gloves, steel toe capped shoes / boots, glasses


-  Construction equipment including cement mixers, trucks and hand tools


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