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Reconciliation through education

Tim Fenemore - Founder

Why Stand Up and Build Project?


Stand Up and Build Project has given me the opporntunity to make a difference by using my project management and business experience to directly help the people of Muyinga in Burundi. Funding raised by charity events simply goes so much further in Burundi and its impact is massively magnified.


Education is key to helping communities across Africa address the root causes of poverty, famine, disease and conflict.


What can I bring?


35 years of engineering, project and programme management experience combined with 12 years of planning in infrastructure improvements and running businesses at all levels up to and including Managing Director.


I have also led significant change management programmes in aerospace, telecommunications, manufacturing and construction. Being part of Stand Up and Build Project gives me the chance to help the team in Muyinga as they tackle some of the most challenging changes imaginable - reconciling the community and stimulating local development.


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Why Stand Up and Build Project?


I am a strong believer in the value of collaboration between groups of people with shared objectives but different perspectives and skills. Stand Up and Build project represents exactly this sort of collaboration, with the team in UK providing expertise in education, business and construction, and th lcoal team providing the delivery. Fundraising is also a joint effort, and all of the funds raised go directly to the cause


The skills provided by the college in Muyinga are desperately needed in Burundi, and there is an opporttunity to both provide sustainable employment and support infrastructure development, which will in turn unlock further economic growth and improvement in living standards. I also believe that all of this can be done in a way which encourages cultural harmony and respect for the fragile environment in Burundi.


What can I bring?


I have over 20 years of experience in business, project, operational and change management, with technical expertise in engineering, economics and procurement. This has been gained in a range of senior roles across the oil, gas, power, transport and civil engineering sectors. I will use my business strategy and cost management skills to help Stand Up and Build Project to deliver the best possible value-for-money from every penny which is donated.


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Steve Armstrong

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