Stand Up & Build Project

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Reconciliation through education

Muyinga Project - Burundi

This project isbased in the Muyinga Province which is located in the North East of the country.




To use the 'Stand Up and Build' project as a tool of reconciliation for working together, learning together, working without discrimination.


Through education we will provide people with OPTIONS, OPPORTUNITY, CHOICE and the ability to obtain work and generate an income for their family. A sense of PRIDE.


 To build friendship, peace, RECONCILIATION, partnership, relationships, & CONNECTIONS  through a humanity between students and people involved in the project, regardless of faith, tribe, gender, wealth or ability.


Students will be encouraged to understand their DUTIES, RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES to society and work SAFELY, SUSTAINABLY, efficiently and effectively.


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Muyinga Junior School - March 2011

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