Stand Up & Build Project

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Reconciliation through education

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The college will provide an environment for education and reconciliation. Through working and socialising with one another pupils will gain a joint understanding of the opportunities for both themselves and the community.

Burundi - the heart of Africa

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Stand Up and Build Technical School of Muyinga - providing essential technical training!

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Thanks to the community of Muyinga, Burundi and sponsors from across the world we were able to open the Stand Up and Build Technical School of Muyinga in 2014. This is the first technical school to open up since 'The Crisis' and only the second technical school in Burundi. The students and their parents have chosen the school because of the opportuntiies it opens up to them. More than 30 students have already graduated and with your help we can continue to support the improvements in education at the school.

The community have built Phase 1 of the school with our help and over 30 students have graduated (October 2018)

Our vision - a place for education and reconciliation